Remote Work Live AMA with Andrew Maat, Testbirds

Remote Work

Live AMA with Andrew Maat, Testbirds

When: 22. April 2020 I 5:30 PMRSVP to get dial-in details: Eventbrite

Andrew Maat is the Director International Markets at Testbirds, one of the most innovative crowdtesting companies, offering solutions in QA, Usability & UX testing for digital products and a better digital world. Managing the teams in Amsterdam and London while the Testbirds headquarter is located in Munich and being responsible for the international market, he was an expert of remote working even before the Corona pandemic has hit all of us. Bringing the offices and people together, spreading the Testbirds culture to the smallest corners and at the same time promoting and maintaining the offices' own culture are exciting and everyday challenges for him, which he tackles through meaningful communication. Register here!
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