Information about your podcast session
We are pleased that you are interested in taking part in our podcast ❤️. The goal of our conversation is to encourage people for new work - through advice, ideas, testimonials, and hacks.
The "Make Purpose Work" conversation lasts approx. 15 and 45 minutes and is conducted via Zencastr. These are pure audio recordings. You don't need a camera or make-up. But let's start the conversation beforehand with a hangout. You can find the link in the appointment invitation. To inquire about one right away, fill out the Show Notes form and send it back to us.

1. Show-Notes - The purpose of the session?
2. Interview Questions - How do we add value?
3. Technik-Check - What about the tech setup?
1. Show-Notes
The information on the Show-Notes form is used to introduce you to the conversation and later on the podcast website. This should bring your expertise, experience and motivation to the point clearly for strangers who do not yet know you, but are interested in New Work and sustainable business.

So that the podcast episode reaches as many New Work enthusiasts as possible and that you enjoy sharing it with customers, partners or friends for a long time, please make sure that you introduce yourself honestly and confidently. Pay attention to the use of important terms (keywords) from your industry so that it is found and makes an impression.

The better the show notes, the easier it is to develop the conversation guide and the faster you can get to the studio.

Please fill out the Show-Notes form now!
2. Interview Questions

We conduct the conversation as a semi-structured interview. So we note down key points and topics, as well as some important questions in advance. We think about how we can best make the insights tangible for the audience. During the conversation, however, we exchange ideas organically. So there can be new questions, some of which are dropped. You are welcome to take a few notes, but pre-formulated sentences are not useful. These sound artificial and are obstructive to perception. We speak differently than we write and therefore value your spontaneous answers.
3. Technik-Check

Important in advance: As a podcast guest, you agree to the publication and reuse of the conversation. So that we can spread this as much as possible, we attach great importance to good sound quality. Here are a few tips on how to do this and how you can stand out in the best possible light.

- Ensure a private room with no background noise. Also turn off your phone and notifications.

- It is also important that the room does not echo. This works well in small furnished rooms, preferably with a carpet. Unfortunately, many coworking spaces are not the best place for this.

- Relax. This works best if you don't eat or drink anything half an hour in advance, but switch back briefly. A little meditation will help.

- Have a glass of still water ready just in case. Every interruption in the recording causes a lot of additional work that we have to avoid.

- But the most important thing is your stable internet connection. Make sure you have access to WiFi or, even better, via cable at the appointment. If necessary, switch off broadband hogs such as streaming services (e.g. Netflix).

- It is best to use a headset. Test this beforehand.

We look forward to an interesting conversation!