Mentoring for
the future of work
Our apps will empower your employees to find the right expert at the right time - for mentorship or collaboration.
Mobile-first mentoring & community
Easy on-demand matchmaking in your pocket - to contact, engage, and work with the entire diversity of your community.
Watch how the revolution of mentoring works
It is not a program, it is 1:1 individual mentoring
for the entire workforce!
It comes with plenty of features included.
No installation clutter, no applications, scalable to any device, any employee, any department
One-handed experience even on big screens, on demand micro-mentoring or long-term development
Well organised
Stay on track with progress with in-app guidance, scheduling & messaging, motivating
Quality on par with the latest tech
Self-service and AI-automated matching to raise productivity and diversity of your digital workforce.
The revolution of mentoring
Every topic, every band level, every gender - everyone. At a speed.
It's all about enabling your employees for agile, decentralised collaboration for the future of work.
Dedicated HR Dashboard
Real-time insights on what your community really needs. GDPR-conform and anonymised statistics on engagement, diversity & turnover.
What people say
It is not just the digital transformation. It is your employees that want it.
Matching is difficult. A lot of work and a burden I wouldn't miss for a second. Mentessa saves time for more important tasks.
Corline Mayer
HR Consultant in Burda
In my experience, mentoring now often ends up in friendly conversations. Mentessa helps avoid poor matching and bias.
Sven Fitt
International Manager DD agency