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What is it?

The Open Mentoring Club is a free community, powered by Mentessa, that helps you find peer experts - based on skills. Apply to join our growing network of individuals to give & get help, learn, and grow together.

It is not a program, it is 1:1 mentoring
from peer to peer - for free.

The Open Mentoring Club is a pro bono community by Mentessa. By joining you agree to the code of honor of the community.
Mindful interactions
The community's purpose is to enable everyone with the knowledge they need most right now. It only works if you bring your authentic self, your real experience, and a fair attitude.
Passionate expertise
Be honest about your skills and experience. Complete your profile so you can be found, don't stretch it. We become best in what we are really passionate about - share with care.
Get active
Practice is key. The more often you exchange with others the faster you will learn, grow your network, and develop towards your goals. Be an active member and get to know your community.
How it works?
The Open Mentoring Club is powered by Mentessa, a web-based community platform. It looks like Tinder, but matches people based on skills. In the community, you can set your profile, schedule appointments, and chat with the community members. And the best thing is: IT'S CONTENT FREE, so nobody can spam the rest of you.
Why join?
This is a unique opportunity for real interactions, real learning, with real people. We've launched this community at the beginning of the pandemic in order to help more people tackle this challenging time - together.
By mentoring others you can develop your own leadership and communication skills, expand your network, achieve a sense of purpose and create yourself new, unique opportunities.
Executive Coach
I don't need one mentor. I need a mentor a day! In the Open Mentoring Club I can find exactly the expertise I need and meet peers more often if I have to.
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