Connect your community
for mentoring and innovation
easily and effectively -
also remotely.
Mentessa helps networks stay engaged and enable a culture of diversity and collaboration, through AI matching for 1:1 exchange based on skills.

Your private, fully branded, web app for employees, customers, or members

Easy and effective matchmaking - to contact, engage, and work with the entire diversity of your community - despite WFH.
Turn your network into a community
Raise engagement with built-in functionality
Our algorithms will help you automate matching processes - for networking, peer learning, mentoring, shadowing, or anything else - based on skills.
No more emails, marketing spam, and overwhelm. With the built-in chat your community can directly communicate with each other - with built-in abuse protection.
Built-in guidance helps users engage and find their way into the community. E.g. with appointment scheduling - efficiently available in the app.

Create an agile, learning organization

Every topic, every band level, every gender - everyone.
It's all about enabling your community for agile, decentralised collaboration for the future of work.
Facilitate 1:1s

Easy booking for 1:1 appointments with predefined availability. Sends an appointment to both users and works with max. 3 clicks.

Save effort

Easily invite users by email or upload, manage memberships and applications. By this you are saving time on administration for true connection and engagement with your community.

Automate matching

Pick from different matching modalities, get automated matching suggestions, and let Mentessa guide the users automatically through the rest - onboarding, mentoring, feedback.

What people say
It is not just the digital transformation. It is your employees that want it.
Matching is difficult. A lot of work and a burden I wouldn't miss for a second. Mentessa saves time for more important tasks.
Corline Mayer
HR Consultant in Burda
In my experience, mentoring now often ends up in friendly conversations. Mentessa helps avoid poor matching and bias.
Sven Fitt
International Manager DD agency
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