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#12 Mentoring vs. Coaching with Phyllis Sarkaria

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Today's guest, Phyllis Sarkaria, is the founder & CEO of the Sarkaria Group, a C-Level coach, and a management consultant, with amazingly rich experience. Prior to starting her own company she held executive roles in human resources or government affairs for more than 25 years. As a head of HR of the Quidel Corporation in San Diego, California, she was responsible for the company’s global HR strategy and people programs for more than a dozen years.

As she also volunteers her time in the mentoring program of the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, we get deep into the differences between coaching and mentoring, talk a lot about leadership that empowers people, builds trust, and increases influence.

Listen to this episode to be one of the first people to get insights from her book “Courageous Clarity: Navigating the way forward on your leadership journey” and get a free resource on leadership.

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This podcast is a production by Mentessa GmbH. Mentessa develops an innovative remote platform for the targeted exchange of knowledge in agile organizations and communities. Users can quickly and easily find suitable matches for 1: 1 discussions, mentoring and networking on the basis of skills and thus expand their knowledge, acquire new skills and start interdisciplinary projects. An intelligent AI accompanies them as a “mentor at work”. With Mentessa, organizations can promote a modern corporate culture of diversity and collaboration, new work, and the emotional bond between employees. More information about Mentessa for mentoring: https://mentessa.com/business

Host: Dr. Tina Ruseva https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaruseva/
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You can connect with Phyllis on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phyllis-sarkaria/ or learn more about her company online at http://sarkariagroup.com