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#3 Mentoring for Innovation with Zsanett Andresin

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In this episode we discuss the application of mentoring in the field of corporate innovation. Our guest, Zsanett Andresin, has been a mentee, a mentor, and has organized a mentoring program for the Startup Program of OTP Group.

Mentoring is a well-known concept in Human Resources, mostly used for talent development and employee engagement, but it has only recently found its way into the world of innovation. My guest Zsanett is one of its early adopters for startup acceleration, especially in her role at OTP Group’s innovation hub - the OTP Lab, which she describes as a matchmaker. To quote Zsanett: “The qualities of a good mentor are the qualities of a good matchmaker.” 

OTP Group is one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. It operates in 10 countries and provides financial services to more than 18 million private and corporate clients in thousands of branches all over the region, and of course digitally. The financial sector has been a subject of disruption and constant innovation in the past decade so Zsanett has a lot to tell. 

At OTP Lab she has designed and established a corporate-startup cooperation program to connect startups and scaleups with the group and drive external innovation on levels. In the past 4 years she and her team have screened thousands of startups and supported more than 100 business units in finding and adopting innovation from outside. Mentoring has played a critical role in the process and we are going to discuss in detail how and why.

Topics: corporate innovation, startup collaboration, acceleration, open innovation
Connect with Zsanett: https://hu.linkedin.com/in/andresinzsanett 
More information about OTP Group: https://www.otpbank.hu/portal/en/AboutUs/OTPGroup
More information about OTP Lab and their startup program: https://www.otpbank.hu/portal/en/OTPLAB_ENG 

This podcast is a production by Mentessa GmbH. Mentessa develops an innovative remote platform for the targeted exchange of knowledge in agile organizations and communities. Users can quickly and easily find suitable matches for 1: 1 discussions, mentoring and networking on the basis of skills and thus expand their knowledge, acquire new skills and start interdisciplinary projects. An intelligent AI accompanies them as a “mentor at work”. With Mentessa, organizations can promote a modern corporate culture of diversity and collaboration, new work, and the emotional bond between employees. More information about Mentessa for mentoring: https://mentessa.com/business 

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