New Work for a New World
The global digital world of work has become volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambivalent. In order to stay competitive and tackle global challenges, like the climate crisis or the Corona pandemic, companies need to transform to new organisational forms that are more agile, allow for interdisciplinary teamwork and empower people for decentralised collaboration.
Diversity & Inclusion
For the first time in history 5 different generations collaborate hand in hand in the digital workplace. The global labor pool also implies diversity raising the demand for know-how exchange.
Upskilling for the digital transformation
The digitization is increasing the skill gap so that 73% of businesses are struggling to fill positions - „war for talent". 9 of 10 of new hires prefer a mentor to every formal training.
The human workplace
We only learn 10% in formal trainings. Remote work is here to stay leaving us without the serendipity of coffee kitchens, informal meetings, or casual networking in the office.

We are Mentessa: A team with uniquely diverse backgrounds. As women in tech, immigrants, high-potentials, young parents, and entrepreneurs, we have been part of numerous communities, networks, mentoring programs, and the German start-up ecosystem for 10 years now. As employees of the largest German companies we have experienced it all – lack of diversity, human bias, and insufficient collaboration!

We know: Diversity at the workplace is not just a Sustainable Development Goal, it is the future of work.

And also: In a platform economy value is created and distributed through social networks (not social media!) – live & online.

Our mission? Remove boundaries to know-how exchange for a world of work that is both high-tech and high-human.

Our idea? Simple – use the power of communities to scale the benefits of mentoring to 100% of talent:

⭐ For knowledge transfer between generations
⭐ For closing the skill gap through individual guidance
⭐ For equal career opportunities beyond gender
⭐ For a strong economy through silo-free innovation and a collaborative culture
⭐ For real human connection despite work from home in hybrid teams

It's a small step for companies, but a huge one for the #futureofwork.

If you find this vision appealing and are looking to expand your portfolio with an exceptionally driven team building a customer-centered product in the growing market of transformation of work (31bn worldwide) and employee experience (20% YOY), we would love to meet you.

Tina & Team
Mentessa is a member of the German AI network KI Bundesverband to support responsible application of artificial technology and deep tech.
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