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What is Mentessa?
Mentessa unites your organization through peer-to-peer networking and know-how exchange.
Fully branded, private, and safe
Mentessa helps you connect your community - even remotely - with clear user-centric design and integrated branding.
Structured guidance
Everybody's journey is different. Mentessa guides the process with curated connections and built-in process.
Intelligent matching & automation
Mentessa learns about the skillset in your community, identifies gap, and recommends matches - easily and effectively.
Why does it matter?
If at work remotely, in a professional association, or the co-working space people today strive to belong to a community. They want to be able to find experts, peers, learn from each other and build relationships. With 4,5 hours a day on average also - digitally.
66% better inclusion
The State of Community Management 2020

Our solution helps people meet who would have otherwise not.
71% more innovation
Gallup, 2020

With Mentessa people will meet more often and generate more ideas for collaboration.
56% higher productivity
Harvard Business Review 11'2020

Our digital hub is built to save time and make networking efficient and effective.
How It Works
Customize platform
Typically ready within a few days, we will individualise our white-label solution with your brand colors, logo, and specific matching process.
Launch and invite
Mentessa is launched and hosted on our servers in the Open Telekom Cloud. You can invite and administrate users directly online. Alternatively, we can also import your network.
Automate Matching
Thanks to our algorithms you don't need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your community building - no content, no moderation needed.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows you to integrate Mentessa to your incumbent infrastructure seemlessly.
What our clients say about us
Sophia Kuhl
HHL Digital Space
"exactly the right technology for our private community of mentors. We can use the practical and easy-to-use platform to network the founders of tomorrow with the right experts at the right time. That saves us a lot of work and makes us very efficient. The simple structure and the appealing design is just fun!"
Robert Kelemen
Deutsche Telekom
"With Mentessa we provide unique opportunities in terms of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation for all our stakeholders."
Benjamin Bauer
"Great product! Happy customer!"
Evica Kuc
OTP Bank
„Mentessa scalesto 100% of our employees, makesthem happy every day, with no additional efforton our side."
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