We are Mentessa
Our Values

We believe that people thrive in a culture of mentorship and collaboration. Our mission is to empower everyone in the workforce to unleash their full potential by connecting them with the right expert at the right time - for purpose-driven knowhow exchange.

If you feel like this about work and want to help make purpose work we are happy to hear from you! We've laid out our values below so you know what to expect.
Grow together
Diversity is not just a natural phenomenon. It is an abundant source of creativity and innovation. With Mentessa we not only improve career opportunities and equality for people of all race, gender, ages, and backgrounds, we also work in a culture of inclusion ourselves.
Always be learning
With complexity rising lifelong learning transforms from a lifestyle to necessity. We want to empower people at work to learn the way they do best - from other people. But also live up to this in our team as well - by listening, acknowledging, and always learning from each other.
Reach for the stars
It takes discipline to do things right, and courage to the right things as well. We value ambition and humility in the effort to create experiences people love. This is how we reach for the stars - in every interaction, with every stakeholder, and for ourselves personally.
Our Team
Dr. Tina Ruseva
Founder & CEO
Sales, Marketing
Ivan Popryga
Product, Development
Lena Bernhofer
Project Management
Evelyn Kühn
Big & Growing New Work Festival
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Life at Mentessa
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